Welcome to the new Senju Horimatsu blog!

As of now and in the future I will continue my writings on Irezumi and Japan at www.horimatsu.com.
Every one is invited!


The erotic Japanese art of Senju Horimatsu

Since some time I am penetrating into the fantastic world of Shunga (japanese Edo period style pornographic prints) and you will find my work at www.horimatsu.com. Welcome!

Senju Horimatsu


Irezumi Photography by Senju Horimatsu

There is now a webshop at www.senjuphotography.com selling Limited Edition fine art photographic prints showing the photographic work of Senju Horimatsu. The images are mostlly from Japan having themes like Irezumi and Zen. If interested, go HERE


Senju Horimatsu Irezumi art prints available now!

SENKO now has a webshop selling Senju Horimatsu's paintings for Irezumi as high quality art prints.
Interested? Go here!


New photography website by Horimatsu.

I have finally launched a website dedicated to my photography, mainly focusing on Irezumi and Japan. I will be adding new and interesting images and galleries on a weekly basis, as well as writings on my experiences of working with the beautiful Fuji X-pro 1 camera. Feel free to visit www.senjuphotography.com


Horimatsu Android App out now!

Horimatsu has released a brand new app for android! This is the first in a series oncerning Irezumi, the traditinal japanese tattoo, and it presents the Koi (carp) with suggestions on various color patterns etc.
You can get it here!


Attention! New Website!

Hatsuhana continued.
For anyone that has missed that I now have a real website, this is for you. My continued blogging etc will all be done at www.horimatsu.com.


New Horimatsu Irezumi website!

Finally there is a real Horimatsu website, much due to the dilligent efforts of my dear friend Alex Kofuu Reinke Horikitsune. Please go to www.horimatsu.com. This blog has been added to the website and all new posts will be done there.
You are very welcome.


Ryu to Momiji.

Thimo from Germany came for a visit in order to start a new Nagasode irezumi tattoo. After three sessions we left it like this. Hopefully it will be concluded before the end of this upcoming summer.


40% off on "Ryushin"!! Only 5 more days to go!!

Kofuu-Senju Publications classic book of Irezumi master Horiyoshi III's fantastic dragon painitngs is still obtainable for merely 119 Euro plus shipping. The offer ends on January 26th, so be on your toes for this one!
Find more info in the upper right of this blog.
Horiyoshi III of Yokohama.
photo by Alex reinke